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Eminence Organics Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream is a miracle worker for your neck and decolletage area, the most tell-tale areas to show signs of aging. This highly potent neck lift cream helps rejuvenate and tighten the skin with a blend of hyaluronic acid and hibiscus, which moisturizes and plumps up the skin. Nut-free.


Key Ingredients:

  • Hibiscus: increases elasticity; moisture rich to keep skin hydrated and supple
  • Acacia: moisturizing, firming and tightening; reduces the look of wrinkles and smooths skin
  • Edelweiss: tightens and appears to lift sagging skin; smooths the look of wrinkles
  • Paprika: revitalizes the look of skin
  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid: deeply hydrating; minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Key Benefits:

  • Acacia smoothens the skin and moisturizes, firming and tightening the neck area
  • Hibiscus increases elasticity and makes skin suppler
  • Edelweiss tightens and lifts sagging skin, smoothening the look of wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic acid minimizes fine lines and deeply hydrates the skin

Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream

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