• Organic body treatment that cleanses, hydrates and deeply exfoliates the skin in 10 minutes. 
  • Fragrant botanical aromas of Jasmine and Pink Lotus will soothe and heal.
  • Rice bran and jojoba oil freshly mixed adds a deeper level of hydration to the skin, with exfoliation this oil penetrates at a deeper level.

A floral bouquet for the body.  Our coconut based body polish is sprinkled with a touch of color and a touch of love.  Light pink hues abound in this floral bouquet for the body, from fresh ground rose petal powder to fragrant botanical oils.  A floral aroma will fill the air with scents of Jasmine, Pink Lotus and Clary Sage.  Stop, take a moment, and inhale floral bliss.

Moisturize. Sooth. Rejuvenate.

Body Bouquet Ritual

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